social media management tool is software that allows users to manage two or more social media platforms from one interface. This helps save time and energy as you can easily schedule posts over the next week to keep getting uploaded automatically while you are probably busy with something else. 

Some social media management tools also have autoresponders to attend to curious customers while you are away. Some remarkable benefits of using social media tools are:

1. It helps you manage multiple social media accounts:

This might seem a simple task at first, but when you dive deep into it, you realize it is not. Managing many social pages without a management tool can be extremely stressful and unattainable. Customers on some platforms may need immediate attention while you are already attending to others on another platform. This could cause great stress for the handler. ‘

Using a social media management tool keeps you up and running even while you are not up and running, giving customers a sense of reassurance that you are always there to assist them.

2. Helps to keep up with social engagement:

 Social media management tools have autoresponders that can be customized to seem like they are being handled by a person at the moment, whereas they are not. Some customers might have immediate questions or even queries. How quickly you respond to them greatly impacts your brand’s validity and trust.

3. Builds and maintains a relationship with customers:

Customers always want to be treated uniquely. No one would like to be ignored or delayed, especially when they have important questions or serious queries. The importance of being interactive on all your social media pages at all times cannot be overemphasized, and this can only be achieved through a social media management tool.

4. Keep Track Of Your Efforts:

A good social media management tool can analyze and measure your efforts along the line, which is very important for a successful social media marketing experience. To improve your efforts and services, you need to have a table measurement of your previous performance. Else you might just be lagging far behind your competitors.

5. Keeps you aware of the latest happenings around your brand:

Suppose you already have a large social engagement on your social media. In that case, you need a social media tool to organize all these in one place, or you may lose necessary comments or reactions to your products or services, which might negatively affect your brand performance.

6. Schedule content in advance:

With a social media management tool, you can record ideas in the form of scheduled posts to be available to the public later. Relying on your memory capacity may be quite fallible as you can’t remember everything all the time. However, when you schedule these ideas, they serve as a record where you can still make changes whenever you want to before the scheduled date.

7. It helps you save time:

Instead of posting the same content across all your social platforms, social media management tools have the feature to let you post once. They do the rest of the distribution of your post over the rest of the social media platforms. This saves your time, and of course, time is money.

After reading these, you may wonder what social media tools could give you all these features, continue reading to find out in part 2.