How to host a festive holiday party – A stress-free guide for beginners

Hosting a holiday party for your family and friends could be fun and overwhelming. It mainly involves last-minute scrambling and looking for things here and there, leaving you more stressed than excited. But it is also possible to host an easy holiday party, with all the fun and entertainment and little to no stress.

Here’s how to do it!

5 proven tips for hosting a stress-free holiday party

  1. Always plan ahead: Like the old saying, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” The first step to hosting a successful party is creating a plan at least one week before the big event. Doing this gives you enough time to think out new interesting party ideas to keep it lively. You also see the capacity of people you can host and prepare for that number, more or less.
  • Work with your budget: As much as you may want to host the best and most striking party in town, you must first consider your budget and cut your coat according to your cloth. 

Borrowing money to run a holiday party could be terrible and may cause more disaster than all the fun you could earn. There are thousands of ways to have a small party as attractive as a big one. An excellent way to find out is through research.

  • Send invitations early: Early invites are one sure way to make your guests choose your party over any other holiday party. 

Sending invites as early as six weeks before the event and a reminder after another 3-4 weeks will make your guests believe you have everything under control. It also shows you respect your audience’s schedule.

  • Ask for help: Another benefit of sending an early invitation is that your close friends naturally make time to help you with a few arrangements. They could also help come up with brilliant ideas to make the party fun. 
  • Pick an agreeable date: It is in the best interest of your guest if the holiday party does not interfere with work or any other important event. That is why choosing a cooperative date is essential. It is usually recommended that parties fall on Saturdays when most people are off work and in the evenings at 5 pm, so it does not interfere with bedtime.
  • Provide quality entertainment: A boring party is a place nobody wants to be, not even your closest friends. Your party should be filled with live food and entertainment. A great idea would be a talent show, some excellent comedy, good music, photo booths, magic shows, and roast sessions.

Remember, you, the host, and your guests must enjoy your party, plan hard enough so that you get to sit down and relax, and don’t stretch yourself too thin. It can be something other than perfect but still be outstanding if you follow these tips.