Folasayo Falola, Creative Wordsmith

Ps: this post is not about dogs 

As a business owner, you need to work smarter in these times of budget cuts. Budget cuts equal new processes to adapt to the change. Every team already has a laid down method of operation. Therefore, implementing new work processes in your team might prove tasking. It is similar to trying to teach your old dog new tricks.

  1. Small incremental adjustments:

Have you heard of the 1% rule? This means adding 1% extra daily, which results in a cumulative effort in time. Introducing new work processes to your team this way makes it less overwhelming and increases work output quickly.

  1. Understand your team’s limit:

The team will always have critics who do not agree with your new policies. Instead of trying to force them, try to understand their limits. Your policy may not be well suited for your team. Don’t be afraid to adjust.

  1. Start with the mindset:

Nothing does the magic better than building and elevating your team’s mindset. No one with the right mindset to work will reject good work policies. The value of constantly improving your team’s mindset cannot be understated. Empower your team with positive mindsets.

  1. Positive reinforcement:

When training any dog new tricks, using treats is a sure and tested way to achieve great results quickly. You should apply this same rule with your team. Positive reinforcement is a good way to implement new work processes.

  1. Listen to your team:

Don’t just spring up with new policies. Speak with your team first. Listen to their suggestions and implement the best. You’ll be sure to get better results

  1. Transform limitations into possibilities:

What objections do your team members have? Critically analyze with your team and create alternatives. Limitations can turn into possibilities if you look at the bigger picture.

  1. Be Patient:

Good things take time. Your team will need time to adjust and adapt to new policies. Be patient with your team. Be patient with yourself.

  1. Mistakes are inevitable:

There will be mistakes along the way. You should still implement new company policies if you believe they will be beneficial in the long run.

Build your Team 

Your growth depends on it.