Dear Manager in charge, 

Take charge of the XTools for Managers. More than one hundred tools and functions are available for spatial analysis, shape conversions, and table management in ArcGIS. Selection manager. Scale manager. Domain manager. Source manager. Query manager.

Dear Manager in charge, 

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Selection Manager gives power and flexibility to work selections in ArcMap.

Scale Manager tool is the perfect solution for map scales, with complex layers and structure your maps.

Domain Manager tool views and edits domains for geodatabase in a dialog.

The Data Source Manager tool fixes incorrect paths to the data in ArcGIS map documents.

Definition Query Manager provides efficient work with definition queries in ArcGIS.

Dear Manager in charge, 

All kinds of tools at your disposal:

Data Tools. Conversion Tools. Geometry Tools. Layer Tools. Overlay Tools. Feature Tools. Maps Tools. Metadata Tools. Search Tools. Rasta Tools. Analysis Tools. Table Tools. Import/Export Tools. Miscellaneous Tools.

Dear Manager in charge, 

XTools simple tools do more work in less time. It saves time and cuts the budget for advanced ArcGIS licenses. It is used across many industries, including major Fortune 500 companies. It is not tied to any specific field. XTools Pro is for everybody who uses ArcGIS in their GIS work.

Thousands of users worldwide use XTools Pro to solve numerous GIS tasks in everyday work. Beginners dive into the world of ArcGIS. Seasoned professionals perform advanced data processing and analysis. Managers open maps and data for review. It is best for your ArcGIS work.

Dear Manager in charge,

Access geoprocessing tools that can be used in the models and Python scripts. Did you know? There is an add-in called XTools Pro for ArcGIS Pro. It is included in the XTools Pro license cost. It can therefore be evaluated with XTools Pro trial licenses.

That sounds like something you should check out. 

Dear Manager in Charge 

Take Charge with the Xtools pro.