Medical Copywriting Test

 Medical Copywriting Test

US English

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Brief & Instructions


Pfizer is one of the world’s premier innovative biopharmaceutical companies, discovering, developing and providing over 170 different medicines and vaccines healthcare products to help improve the lives of millions of people in the USA and around the world every year. Their tagline is “Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.”

Please review the company website for further detail and examples of brand tone:

Campaign Information: Pfizer is launching a translation service for clients and internal workers via PfizerWorks, their Global Commercial Operations hub. This service line will include the following offerings:

Task: Write a short article announcing the initiative outlined above. This communication will be featured in a newsletter distributed to external stakeholders and internal department leads.

Copy Test

  Title Max 85 characters with spacesNo more whys, I don’t understand, awkward silences. Translate, Relate and Connect!  
  Translate, Relate and Connect.  
  Sub head Max 200 characters with spaces  “Hello” in 7000 languages with help from experienced linguistic providers! Translate to relate and connect.  
  Call to action Newsletter link to article Max 25 characters with spaces    Relate, Connect Today
  Body Text Max 2 paragraphs  In a new environment where people do not speak your language, you tend to try hard to learn the culture and the language to blend in. When you speak their language, you will learn that connecting with people is more effortless. At Pfizer, we would like to bridge the language barrier gap by helping you speak to your target audience, e.g., staff and target market, in a language they understand. We understand how easy it is to misunderstand when one word in a sentence does not make sense to the other person. We now have experienced linguistic providers who will help you get closer to your target audience through language.   Are you a Human resource manager? Before your staff sign that contract, we will help you get it to them in their language. Are you a marketer and trying to penetrate a new market? We will sit with you to understand your target market and work with you to deliver all marketing aspects, including digital marketing in that region’s language. Translate to relate and connect.