Why is it Essential to Have Plumbing Inspections?

Plumbing inspections is a comprehensive look and examination of your plumbing system to ensure everything is working well. This typically includes checking for leaks, toilets, clogs, faucets, damage to pipes, sewage and supply lines, sinks and bath tabs, water heaters, etc.

You will need a plumbing inspection to identify potential with a building or your home’s plumbing system. For instance, if you are buying a home, inspections only cover the basics; checking whether the taps work or toilets flush is why you need a thorough plumbing inspection from a licensed plumber to help you identify issues early, if there are any. Here are more reasons why plumbing inspection is essential.

Plumbing inspections help protect your home. You want to avoid the long-term damage of small leakages or clogged drains. Most of these damages are more costly than you’d have paid for a plumbing inspection.

A plumbing inspection can’t be over-emphasized if you’re buying a home. When making such a significant investment, especially if you buy an old house, it pays to check potential plumbing issues before signing that contract.

Likewise, if you are selling your home, you want to ensure everything is in perfect condition, as this can also be a selling point. You will be able to prove that everything is working just fine.

Plumber Inspection Checklist

Typically, your plumber should inspect individual systems for specific faults, such as:

  • Check for leaks, drainage issues, or corrosion in pipes in sinks, showers, and tubs
  •  Check for cracks or loose fittings in the toilets, plus flapper in the toilet
  • Check for any leaks in the water heater, temperature and pressure valves, and sediment buildup
  • Check for bad joints in the main line, interfering tree roots, and sludge build-up in pipes  and if any foreign objects could be causing a blockage.

How Often Should Your Plumbing Be Inspected?

Professional plumbers recommend inspections to be done at least once in two years, and if your home is more than forty years old, at least once a year, especially if your plumbing system has never been replaced. Be sure to call in a licensed professional plumbing company. Do your research and check these companies’ reviews before contacting them.

Bottom Line

Now that you better understand why you should schedule a plumbing inspection, keep an eye out for when you should call a professional plumber. By having regular plumbing inspections, you’ll ensure your plumbing system is well maintained even for the years to come.