SEO: Greatest Lies Ever Sold

SEO is one of the most searched topics online after the recent growth of Social Media platforms and influencers. There are various influencers misleading people into thinking that they can succeed without proper timing and research.

There are thousands of companies claiming to rank your site on Google’s first page. This is equivalent to modern-day Olympics if you catch my drift.

However, SEO being the most important factor is the greatest lie ever sold in the IT Market. Not entirely, but to a great extent.

Many of these so-called companies use unethical Black-Hat techniques that may give temporary, quick results but fall flat on their faces in the long run.

Also, using Black-Hat techniques can result in getting blacklisted by Google.

When creating ranks for pages, Google looks at various factors like:

  • Loading time – Time taken for a site to load completely
  • Backlink sources
  • Citations
  • Internal Links – Links that redirect to pages within your site/blog
  • External Links – Links that redirect to pages other sites/blogs
  • Coding Errors

However, when Google sends crawlers to qualify your site, it also looks for the vital ones:

  • Audience retention – Are you able to keep audiences engaged from your content
  • Bounce Rates – How fast people click away from your site?
  • Keywords – Does your content matches your niche?
  • Quality of your content compared to others in the same niche

One fact remains indisputable and true to the test of the time – CONTENT IS KING.

Now, what do people mean when they say, “Content is King”?

Well, the answer is simple – No matter how much optimized or customized your site is, NO ONE will take you seriously if your content is irrelevant. Improve the quality and the presentation of your content to see better results.

In the end, with the right effort and research, you can make long-lasting positive changes in your digital presence, reframing the perspective.