How to Engage your Audience and Drive Results

Today the challenge for many is to understand how to keep their audience active and extract the desired outcome. For this, we must identify a few things.


First, you need to know your target audience. It is particularly important to understand your audience to select the right content or topic to deliver and engage them. You cannot give leadership content to a group looking for business advice. So, it is important to identify your target audience.

You will need to know the key person in the group or select people randomly and engage them with an activity. Reading the content is the best way to understand the intention. For example. ask them to read a piece of content of their own choice.

Here is a scenario. You give four topics, Business, Leader, Soldier, and Citizen. Now if the reader selects business, we know he is looking for a business or sole proprietorship information. This will narrow your content.

Reaching your Audience

Methods of reaching your audience are the key here. Speak directly as it is the best way to demonstrate your voice is your brand. Being unique is always the ideal way to reach a person, one to one giving a great result. If you address a group of individuals, use a mass speech highlighting your product and brand.

Never compare any product initially. This doesn’t mean to ignore your competitor. Rather you must understand their product benefits and disadvantages.

Be sure you are explaining the product or service well and concisely. This is the place where you need to highlight the benefits of your product. Always listen to your customers and clients. This is your mantra, “Never listen to respond, Listen to Understand and respond.”

Be humorous, gentle, show empathy based on comments you receive, and be selective in making corrections. Encourage debates that are healthy but maintain oversight. Use as many case studies as possible, as people expect real-time scenarios to make any decision.

Content Creation

Creating content is critical. It is always said, “your content will need to make the audience sit on the edge of the seat”.

Make your content concisely and include interactive topics. This sparks increasing curiosity levels in your audience to ask questions. The rise in questions increases the yield.

Interactive methods include questionnaires, surveys, polling, and videos. Construct all possible avenues to create content, using images to describe what you need to convey. Usually, three audiences exist; they are VAK, which is Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

Visual audiences enjoy seeing videos and get attracted to the optical components. Auditory people like to hear your voice. Kinesthetic people like more activities and movement. Your content must be created in such a way to balance and cover all characteristic people.

Influencing Social Media

Well! This will be incredibly challenging, as you are not directly facing the buyer. Rather, you will share your products or services, mostly with a single image. Also, you could create a short video that is attractive and creative.

The type of media you select is vital. For example, Facebook allows a promotion feature to make your banner visible to a broader audience. You can target the audience demographics based on region and group.

Digital marketing media is a vast community. Discerning the right media suitable for your product is required. LinkedIn is the best place to sell your services if it is professional IT or NON-IT services. So, decide the media according to your product.

Orphan Content

After posting your content, do not abandon or orphan your content. A constant check is required to understand its reach. Remember to respond to each reply, feedback, and comment. Once you respond, message them in private to engage. See where the dialog goes, try to collect their email address, or contact information. Direct, personalized contact is the best way to impress.

Check and make sure that your contacts have shared your content, so it always spreads. Just remember “word to mouth” marketing is unbeatable. Conduct polls and surveys to ensure that your product and brand reach the audience.

The above is a sample of the survey. This visual helps you understand the reach of your content on social media.

Moving Forward

Direct contact will always yield higher results. It isn’t easy to convince a mass audience to identify with your brand and message. Therefore, target your reach with direct contact, and you will reap the best outcomes for your product or service.