Is SEO Dead?

Within the digital industry, people claim that SEO is dead. What appears in search results today and disappears tomorrow? Searched keywords that worked yesterday may not work today. It may look like Google is victimizing your searches, but that’s not the case.


Google is constantly refining its algorithm. Why? Every update reduces the likelihood that spam sites do not breakthrough and alter search results. Instead of thinking that SEO is dying, we need to look beyond and reframe the whole idea.

There’s a reason Google is unable to randomly select your site to appear in search results. Your SEO must earn the ticket to be picked by Google. In reality, there is a good chance that your techniques are outdated, causing your site more harm good.

Black Hat

Are you over-relying on black hat techniques? These include matching similar domain names, giving priority to quantity content rather than quality, and keyword stuffing. These techniques are temporary and become unreliable. They will cause a website’s ranking to drop and scale down its traffic.


SEO is not dead. Instead, it’s evolving slowly and steadily. It has skyrocketed several businesses in the 21st century. With the constant changes in the algorithms by Google, SEO has undergone a rapid transformation giving people an idea that it’s dying.

All that is required when displaying search results is something that answers the users’ queries and will works well even when their questions are not well structured. If a given site meets this, its ranking will reap the reward.

As long as the internet continues to exist, SEO will never be dead. Companies, organizations, and business agencies are spending millions on SEO efforts. They heavily rely on it for marketing and product promotion. The amount is still expected to rise, especially with the exponential growth of the internet.