How to break down a success story

Strategies are great if you use them consistently. Experts agree this takes work. Are you up to the task? Whatever you wish to grow, be it a business, hobby, audience, flowers, finances, you must give it attention.

Acceleration occurs with patience, doing the right things, and effort. Discover and use five strategic elements that work in any endeavor.

Keep moving forward

What counts is not getting hooked in the past by people or situations. Focus on the bigger picture. That is serving your clients, work, or goals. There are always hiccups and potholes along any road.

Deliver a value message

What you say or do will be valuable to someone and you may never know it. Give what people need from the first go around, do not tease or bait and switch. Such black hat tactics have been around since the dawn of man and fail overall.

Sandbox Formula

  1. Select a hook, something people can use and craft your keywords around that value proposition. Your goal is to let your potential clients know they found the right person, at the right time, with the right talents, in the right place.
  2. Whatever your goal or niche use this as an introduction to you and your content. Are you looking for a job, have your skills and resume ready? Are you searching for excellent fit clients, have your portfolio ready?
  3. Deliver and engage with confidence. Does everything need to be perfect? No, get out there and do the best you can. Know that no matter what happens you will get through it. Encourage others, leaving an emoji, comment, like or thumbs-up.


This is critical to your reputation, credibility, and longevity. Yes, errors happen, events occur, the power goes out, and you must pivot. If a deadline is Wednesday, have done by Monday and deliver.

Give people something they are not expecting. It creates goodwill and triggers feel good emotions, so they will not easily forget you. Think about it. In the end isn’t that what we all want?