Feminized Hemp Seeds and Why They Are Valuable

Feminized hemp seeds are seeds that have been technologically altered to grow only female plants. For hemp farmers cultivating to produce CBD, feminized plants allow for a much greater harvest, as the female plants are the ones that create the CBD-rich buds. A crop of female plants does not run the risk of being pollinated by male seeds either, which means all of their energy goes toward flowering instead of producing seeds. This in turn leads to higher concentrations of CBD in the flowers.

Feminized seeds also reduce the workload when harvesting the plants. This is due to the fact that they do not need to be de-seeded. This saves CBD hemp farmers time and money.

All of their advantages mean that feminized hemp seeds have a higher up-front cost, but their return on investment makes them worth it. Now that hemp-derived CBD is legal and gaining popularity amongst consumers producing CBD-rich hemp plants helps hemp farmers maintain a lucrative business.

Buying Hemp Seeds

Look for an American hemp seed bank that offers top-of-the-line feminized hemp seeds. Each order includes a certificate of analysis, seed license, and germination report, so CBD hemp farmers always know they are getting quality seeds.

Research their website looking to provides detailed information about the history and genetics of each seed varietal as well as general instructions for cultivation and care. Farmers from states that required certified seeds should check the AOSCA list before purchasing.