Love is a beacon to all of us. TRUDY RANGAVES 1930 to 2021

As her heart failed, Diana “ I am ready to go.  I have no regrets.”

With Courage and Commitment her Goals accomplished, Agreements fulfilled, it was time to leave. In this moment of celebration we bring love, honor, admiration and respect to Trudy, mother, friend and companion on this Earth journey.

Legacy work is a soul filled perspective in which we leave the earth with a heart that is full not empty.

At 14, she survived the loss of her mother, from there the abandonment by her father, environments of bullying, shunning, not fitting in or belonging. She raised a family, ran a household, paid bills, dealt with disease, sadness, loss, and everything life assigns us.

She survived falls, broken kneecaps, a broken wrist, and even a broken hip. She  lived on through breast and esophageal cancer, a heart attack, and even turned her atrial fib around so that she could come home from the hospital to make her transition.

A lifetime of experiences in the world that was full of  wars, depressions, recessions, and don’t forget technological advancements.

With annoyed willingness she went  to a chiropractor for pain relief. “Diana why do I need to do this; she just beats me up.” Yet she went anyway. This is courage.

She stabilized her body in the midst of pain, in order to continue her reflective work. Tending to her body needs while at times in overdrive is Commitment.

Reading, cooking meals, shopping and finding some form of wellness out of illness and trauma.

Given what she accomplished, with life’s unavoidable difficulties, she accepted her life’s perfection with the challenges. She released blame, shame, and fears, moving beyond them in order to find her way into LOVE.

In the day-to-day life, death is not a process that is easy to deal with. She grappled with it constantly. We all do.

It brings up the loss that we feel when someone we love so deeply is called to finish her life’s work and leave. It calls us all to learn how to come to terms with a place within our hearts that appears to be emptied by her absence.

It is a time for us all to process through the emotions of loss, fear, abandonment, and grief in order to obtain acceptance of a new life that is unfolding. Agreements fulfilled, thank you.

May we all leave with no regrets. May we all learn from the gifts of Trudy’s life in order to bring more peace, pride, courage, commitment, and most of all LOVE  to the life that is here and now. Trudy lives with us in our hearts forever.