Fall in Love with Topics that Engage

Topics are like selecting the right gift. You must know your intended, their interests, quirks, and habits. Therefore, part of this knowledge is research and intuition. This is where you come in.

You are in the best position to know yourself, your product or services, and your viewers. By developing the ability to see and understand, the approaches will come naturally.

What is the purpose

Good mouth-watering content has a primary purpose. It can be educational, inspirational, informative, debatable, and filled with ire and tenacity to leverage a response. Look behind the curtain and think about what taste you want to impart. While others get tangled up in tangents, get to the point in your delivery. 

Who is your audience

Individuals make up your audience. Never forget they are human with all the oddities, joy, pain, and good and bad days as the rest of us. Please keep it simple, plain, and as easy as sitting in the room listening to you. What unites them, education, purchasing power, age, economics, values, beliefs, medical history, or something yet to be discovered? 

Where is their commonality

Variety is the spice that keeps people scanning for your content. A single word may catch their eye, and the scanning transition into reading, then maybe liking, then commenting. Observe what is in the air at the moment. Is it inspiration, hobbies, work environment, support, experiences or seeking knowledge? This awareness guides you to a theme.

How to be relevant

Once you munch over your topic choice, decide on the connection between you and your audience.

Keep it current and appropriate. Research at this level will trigger ideas and overarching areas to address. Add supporting facts, stir in a dash of humor, and empathy, then let them cook awhile. The process requires time.

Why care

Start with the basic information moving on to emotions, outcomes, and build on things your audience already knows. Be genuine and interested in your topic as it will make it fun for you and the reader. Writing is more than words on a page. It is placing the correct words in the best order to elicit a response, from a feel-good moment to reflective tears.

Go ahead, make your list as the thoughts download into your brain. Review them and select the ones that pop. You know your audience, how to speak to them, and what you want to say.  Go to it!