Digital Content How to Earn Media Coverage

Today, searching anything on your browser or opening a page on Facebook will lead you to digital content. There are over one hundred types of digital content that are created through images, videos, text, audio, animations, and graphics. Any form of information that is available for download and distribution on electronic media such as ebook or Spotify is digital content.

However, being able to create digital content with brand authority only covers for half of the journey towards achieving the desired results. The other half involves distributing the content created to the millions of potential customers in the internet. Media coverage is one of the best ways to distribute digital content to potential customers but there is tough competition for media coverage since journalist, marketing agencies, and media companies look for the best and the most relevant content to publish.

To fully comprehend which type of digital content is most likely to earn media coverage, it is important to know which type of content will attract the least attention from journalist and media companies. The first is free media. Journalist and media companies pay more attention to digital content that comes with sponsorships or direct payments. Since sponsored articles are marked as paid content, they are featured more like advertisements as compared to news coverage. Secondly, Content that does not cover impact and has no news value to the publication’s audience is branded as overly promotional press which receives no attention.

Newsworthy content should be: inherently new; able to capitalize on popular economic trends, holidays, and consumer behavior, able attract human interest, should have a local component specific to specific cities or countries, able to attract journalists by being newsworthy.