How do you identify an Ideal Customer?

As a business owner, or even a freelancer, you may have hundreds or even thousands of customers, some who have already purchased your products or services several times. However, they all can’t be you ideal customers. In fact, determining who your ideal customer is a tricky ordeal and requires you to ask yourself several questions and incorporate a few other factors. So, how will you identify the ideal customer?

It is a well-known fact that if you want your product or your services to ensure success n your business, there must be a key problem that the product or service should be able to solve at the convenience of the consumer. Therefore, the first question is, what specific problem is my business trying to solve? The answer will lead you to dig deeper about the demographics of your customers/clients and even more questions.

The next question involves getting information from those you have already served and use the data to pin point a customer who is most likely to buy more products. This information can be acquired through a survey that you can formulate through Survey Monkey or Typeform.

Who you serve and who you should serve next are excellent questions to help you move forward. Google analytics is the best place to answer those questions. You can know your past buyers, the preferred content for your target audience, how your audience came to find your content, and basic demographics about your customers and audience. You can also use Mention, AgoraPulse, or Google Alerts to find more customers who are looking for your products. Make sure to use the information you collect to focus on attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones to grow your business.