Performance: Domo, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio

After the planning, creation, and distribution of your digital content, you will surely be yearning to know how well or bad your content is doing out there. Analyzing the impact of your content helps you measure your success rate in content creation and distribution and it also helps you make better decisions for your next content. Therefore, you will require some performance analysis tools to help you satisfy your curiosity and depending on your needs, the tools can be free or cost-incurring.

Domo is a highly managed cloud-based business intelligence tool that has unlimited cloud storage and different prices determined by the number of users. Domo is able to create visualizations that are deeper than other traditional tools and offers an R plugin that transforms and analyzes data to a higher level compared to other cloud-based tools.

Google Analytics is the first, the most significant, and the best tool that is a necessity for any website manager and marketing expert. Google analytics provides you with important information about your website’s performance and the content that your audience mostly engages with.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a stand-alone Google product that works hand-in-hand with Google Analytics. However, GTM will not simplify the process of using Google Analytics because it is a system used to place tracking codes known as tags on your website.

Google Data Studio is a visual reporting tool that allows you to gather data from multiple marketing platforms such as; Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, etc. Google data studio also allows you to present your data in one consolidated report.

Smart content marketing is data-driven and data-based hence the need for an effective performance analysis tool.