Planning Tools: SparkToro, SpyFu, BuzzSumo

When it comes to creating of content marketing strategies and content marketing campaigns, there is a wide variety of tools that can help you take your content creation game to the next level, and the next, till you get to the best leagues. There are steps to take in content creation and before you can start creating content fir your target audience, you need to make preparations. The following are some of the best tools that will help you prepare for content creation.

SparkToro is one of the most useful tools out there because every content creator and marketer wants more than anything to fully understand their audience to help them create content that is irresistible. SparkToro helps you to know which keywords you will use is more likely to be searched by your audience as it helps you learn more about them.

SpyFu, like the name suggests, is a spy app that lets you put a competitors’ web address in its search box so you can find out about their strategies. SpyFu gives you access to relative and profitable keywords that are being used by your competitors. You can also download your competitors’ keywords, research both paid and organic keywords, and export them as a list.

Buzzsumo is also similar to SpyFu in some aspects. However, Buzzsumo is very popular in the marketing and content creation departments because of its keyword, content, and social network tracking. Buzzsumo can conduct an analysis of your competitors’ most shared content and you can search by either your competitors’ name or published topic.

Source: John Lincoln Marketing

Some of these tools may perform similar functions but when it comes to their price, focus, and scope, they vary and help you differently. There are so many tools you can add to your list including Google news to help you stay ahead.