Proposals that Sell your Services

When it comes to selling your services to new or existing client, writing a proposal is a crucial step that involves effectively demonstrating your skills or your firm’s capabilities. Therefore, a good proposal is an investment of your time as it can lead to additional business and added income or revenue. In this article, we are going to discuss the basic attributes of a convincing proposal.

A sales proposal should educate your current or potential client about the full nature of his need since the client may not be aware of the full extent as to why he needs your services. A sales proposal is an opportunity to demonstrate your expert opinion as a third party. A proposal should convince the client why you are the best man for the job and why you can deliver what he needs, better than he can himself. A proposal must be able to justify why your services are worth the client’s investment in a language that the client clearly understands.

However, you must convince that busy client to set aside urgent problems and go through your proposal without having the need to go through someone else’s proposal. Therefore, your proposal should offer value-added solutions that will not only take care of the client’s problems, but will also help the organization to quickly achieve its goal and at the same time make the bosses look good. Otherwise, if the client can’t find the desired information quickly then he won’t waste time looking through your entire proposal.