The Right Content Marketing Tools to Save You Time and Money

It can be challenging to create a strategy for content marketing especially when you have a limited budget. The most intimidating part of marketing content creation is thinking about what you can do to generate more traffic, whether there are tricks from other successful websites that you can borrow, or how you can find the most trending topic without having to scour every part of the internet. The good thing is that the following tools will provide the right information to help you overcome such challenges to create an effective content marketing strategy, and they are all FREE.

Accessing your competitor’s business overview

It is possible to snoop around for free and find out about the marketing strategies of other businesses with the same target audience as you. The process involves using SimilarWeb to drop your competitors’ web address and access their business overview including website traffic.

If youare tired of typing without being absolutely sure that the content is going to keep up with the current trends, and you want to know for sure what is trending, and where it is trending, Google Trends will give you those answers for free if only you use it to search a term.

Keywords Everywhere is the free and easy way to do your SEO keyword research. The browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox gives you information such as monthly volume use and relevance of keyword term.

Lastly, you can access hundreds of free templates to create great graphics through custom templates for your content and perfect your social media image, all for free at Canva