Unlocking Reporting and Analytics during a Campaign

There are times when focusing on data-based optimization limits the creativity of a content creator and vice versa. However, leveraging data and creativity to achieve high returns on investments is necessary especially due to the increased consumer expectations to relevant creativity in today’s complex media mix. Marketers are able to A/B test creative elements such as layouts and color schemes due to availability of data. Therefore, marketers incorporate additional measures to ensure that there is a creative direction being guided by data and campaign.

Creative strategies differ depending on a number of factors hence it is important to develop a strategy that will be most effective when it comes to achieving the desired goals. Therefore, you can identify which creative strategies work best when it comes to various channels and different customers. There are tools such as media mix optimization that have proven useful when it comes to compiling creative content that is specific to your targeted audience.

Marketing channels usually have their own touch points that allow for the interaction of the audience with the campaigns. These touch points may include call-to-action wording, commonly clicked areas of a profile, engagement through various forms of media, and paid versus organic campaigns.

Incorporating data analytics platforms has become necessary nowadays because data in marketing landscape is no longer as black and white as it used to be. In other words, looking at data you may notice that there numbers that may describe failure in some channels and at the same time be a success story in others.