Your Power: Get Started on Your Dream Entrepreneurship Journey Today

The entrepreneurial bug keeps enticing so many of us with dreams of the startup lifestyle. You’ll have extreme highs and lows doing what you love, but the satisfaction and fulfillment that fills you are irreplaceable. Perhaps you’re ready to get started on your business dreams but find yourself stumped at the first step: What service should I provide?

Dr. Diana Rangaves delivers easy-to-start consumer and business content, mentoring and coaching ideas for a return on investment, including blogs, ebooks, content repurposing, SEO, articles, social media posts,  and whitepapers. Once you get going, here’s how to set up your business for maximum success.

What’s the Ideal Small Business?

Are you looking for the easiest way to start a business with no overhead, zero financing and business experience, and minimal employees? If yes, then start a service business! Use your existing skillset, expertise, and labor to start a solopreneur business — essentially, where you sell services. You could sell consulting, virtual assistance, and even painting, dog walking, crafting, and house cleaning.

Here are some of the main benefits to starting a service business:

  • Quick to get going, with minimal setup or preparation time — often, a good proposal is all you need to start
  • Offers a good profit margin with minimum up-front investment
  • You can devote as much or as little time as you wish — perfect for those working a 9-5 job

You’ll also be able to scale the project if it grows while being answerable to one person only: yourself.

How Do I Write a Business Plan?

Business plans give you a direction to go to, with stages in between and goals to aspire to. Following are two kinds of business plans that you can create today:

  • Traditional plan: Detail-oriented, comprehensive, and structured. Include an executive summary, business description, financial projections, and sales strategy.
  • Startup plan: Simple and more open to change and future refining. Include key partnerships, activities, resources, and the principal value proposition.

Not only is a business plan a critical roadmap, but the structure it provides is essential to getting funding and business partners down the line.

How Do I Build an Audience?

The most important way to build a loyal customer base is to constantly learn about what people need. The most successful businesses offer a solution to an existing problem. Do lots of market research before you start so that you’re aware of what services provide value. WordStream suggests using all your learnings from the study to reach out to your identified demographic and sell to them. And then repeat — while implementing feedback consistently, of course!

How Do I Set Up Payroll?

Payroll is critical to maintaining good financial records and budgeting while staying on top of the organization. You will need to collect payroll information from employees, calculate net pay, and issue statements (don’t forget state and federal tax!). If you’re intimidated by the process or feel your attention is best diverted elsewhere, go with a reliable payroll service that manages these steps and keeps track of your business finances for you.

Can I Implement an Omnichannel Strategy?

Yes. Offering customers various means to reach you (social platforms, live chat, email, text) is necessary for today’s business landscape. You will capture more information about your clients, leverage that knowledge, and move towards a more cohesive brand. In addition, the more channels you have, the more diversified your audience reach. You’ll be able to generate more clicks, conversions, and sales, so an omnichannel strategy is an absolute must. Here’s a guide to ranking high in Google, for starters!

Anyone can start a business today! Gone are the days when you need high-profile funding, an army of staff, and tons of specialized skills. The internet, with its numerous tools, resources, and specialists, is here to help. Get started on your entrepreneurial dream today to reap the complete satisfaction of being your own boss: It is truly unparalleled!

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