Research Your Readers Love Most

Your use of internet marketing tools for personal and business websites must match and correlate with social media. Whether LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a multitude of others, find your market niche.


Website Traffic and Social Networking

There is a clear relationship between web traffic at the official business site and web traffic on the business owner’s personal website. This relationship reveals that the owner’s social network determines, to a substantial extent, the amount of traffic their sites will attract. This tells you that creating a primary website must be supported by additional social media network activities.

Fifteen Second Rule

That is all the time you have to capture our reader’s attention. It all comes down to the bounce rate. What is a bounce rate? Google cares how deeply people navigate into your site. The bounce rate is an indicator of the amount of time spent on your website. So, if people hit the “back” button because they find your website boring, it will generate a high bounce rate. That is not the best outcome. Bounce rates can be viewed through Google Analytics “Audience Review” option on the left-hand side of the toolbar. Click this option to display your site’s performance, including the overall bounce rate.

Google Analytics takes this further by showing you the exact pages your visitors investigate. This is found in the “behaviors” section of your dashboard. Once you select “behaviors,” click on the “site content” drop down menu, then select “all pages.” You will see how each individual page of your website fared.

Apart from the content of your website, your readers want value. Deliver educational blogs, articles, whitepapers, or summaries in your industry. By building a rapport with your readers, they will return because you are credible and have a reputation for excellence.