5-Steps to Pitching Content to Publishers and Earn Media Coverage

Creating excellent content is only one-half of an effective content marketing equation. Getting more readers of that content is the other half. Many brands have their own advertisement experts, pay various channels to display their content, spend a lot of money to get their websites optimized, and run excellently performing social media campaigns. 

However, when it comes to optimizing earned media coverage, pitching the right idea to the right publishers or influencers, many companies often hit a wall. To pitch content to publishers and earn significant media coverage think of the following.

Step 1: Begin with an interesting story.

The secret to landing a press coverage is doing something that will get media’s attention. From startups selling widgets to celebrities, the idea is the same. The media simply wants a concept or a story that will get their target audience’s attention. Give them an interesting story, and the chances are that the coverage will soar. 

Create an interesting personal story alongside your brand story. This will give your business a face and probably add a level of human interest. This is essential for your content to make it to the news. 

Step 2: Set goals 

Create a list of the tasks that must be completed weekly, monthly, or annually. Next, focus on setting reasonable and clear goals. Instead of having “attracting more traffic to my website” as a goal, make your goals more specific. For example, “increase brand awareness by getting featured on well-known publications.”

Setting clear goals can help you know at a glance if your pitches are on track and whether or not you need to adjust your pitching strategy.

Step 3: Build rapport with the publication editors or journalists 

Would you walk up to a stranger and ask them for a favor? Many people cringe at that thought. Wouldn’t it be easier if you asked for a favor from someone you know or a friend?

Pitching your content to publications is the same thing. You are asking them for a favor- to get your business featured on their platforms. Without establishing a rapport before sending your pitch, you are just asking a stranger for a favor, and it might not work. 

Step 4: Create an excellent pitch 

Take the time to research the perfect outlet and equivalently spend some time on crafting a good pitch. Remember, this is your chance to turn on-time mention into long-tail exposure for your business. Look at your pitch from a 1000-foot perspective and craft a headline that your target audience would want to read. This can help you craft a pitch that’s more likely to get the publisher’s attention.

Step 5: Closing the deal

Create detailed assets such as content or images for the publisher. Get ready to provide the information they ask for.

Time is of the essence, and it’s essential to anticipate the publisher’s questions and stockpile answers and other details accordingly.