How to Write Compelling Content for Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing involves sending emails and developing deep relationships with customers and prospects. A well-thought-out email sequencing can convert prospects into clients and first-time customers into recurring buyers. To achieve this, you must make your email content compelling and engaging. Here’s how.

1. Use a known ‘from’ name

‘From’ name is a prominently displayed element of emails. In both mobile devices and desktops, it is displayed with a large text and heavy font to help the email recipient quickly identify the sender. Given its prominence, it’s not surprising that 68 percent of Americans base their decision to open emails on ‘from’ name.

If you subscribed to a weekly email newsletter from Forbes, would you expect to get an email from ‘Forbes’ or ‘Rand’? The chances are that you will open the email from ‘Forbes’ rather than ‘Rand’ even if he created the emails.

2. Use a precise, benefit-focused email subject line

In nearly all devices, an email’s subject line is formatted with darker text to make it stand out. Thus, it will have a significant impact on your email’s open rates. So, limit your email subject line to 30 characters to ensure it appears in full both on mobile devices and desktops. Address the email recipient, personalization, and accurately describe the content of your email.

3. Create a simple, compelling email body

Skillful writing is not about using some magic words. It is all about getting your target audience to understand what you offer and the related benefits. This is what drives consumers to buy. Focus on positioning your service or product as the ultimate solution to your client’s pain points.

4. Optimize your CTA

The CTA buttons you use in your marketing emails are the last and crucial step in getting people to click-through from your emails and visit your business website. The words you choose for them will play a significant part in determining whether the recipient will click-through. So, make sure your CTA buttons reinforce the benefit you have promised the reader throughout the email.

The last step in making sure your emails achieve your desired objective is to evade the spam filter. You will want to refrain from overusing spam-friendly language. Happy writing!