B12 Deficiency and Panic Attacks

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Evidence points to a link between Vitamin B12 deficiency and depression plus panic attacks. If we aim to lead the best kind of life possible, we will have to be vigilant about these vitamin levels. This could be challenging, but it is possible if we watch our diet and take the right supplement. 

However, there is also a need for many further studies regarding the connection between vitamin B12 deficiency and panic attacks. The role of other vitamins and nutrients is also essential, so we need more information on this count. 

Those who suffer from hyperventilation or panic attacks might need emergency assistance as soon as possible. Even if they do not, such occurrences are quite disturbing and need special attention. Since prevention is better than cure, it is only logical to look at what can stave off such situations in the first place. 

The Cause of Panic Attack

One of the known causes of such attacks is a lowered level of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is known as a ‘happy chemical’ and has a great influence on our moods. According to a study by Atago Hospital under the Department of Medicine in Japan, serotonin also interacts with vitamin B6 and iron to achieve a proper synthesis. Without this, there might be issues in mental and physical processes. 

“To clarify the pathophysiology of PA and HVA, we investigated the serum levels of vitamins B2, B6, and B12 and iron in patients with PA or HVA attending an ED. We measured each parameter in 21 PA or HVA patients and compared the values with those from 20 volunteers. We found that both Vit B6 and iron levels were significantly lower in the PA/HVA group than in the volunteer group,” acknowledges Dr. Mikawa, a study investigator.

A lot of research has gone into the question of whether Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a panic attack as well. While more research is needed to clarify the exact connection, here is what we can gauge so far: 

Depression and Vitamin B12

B vitamins, especially Vitamin B12, play an essential role in triggering the production of brain chemicals. Increasing their intake may, hence, positively affect our mood as well as other functions of the brain. If there are low levels of Vitamin B12, other B vitamins, and folate, the result could very well be depression

Depression, in turn, is something that could lead to panic attacks. To prevent this possibility, it seems as if patients must keep up with their Vitamin B12 intake through their diet or supplement. Those who already have digestive disorders are elderly, or vegetarians might have issues with keeping up their vitamin levels. A blood test can determine whether we have enough Vitamin B12 or if we need to make up a deficiency. 

Panic Attacks and Methylation

There are various ways to take control of a panic attack once you are aware that you have panic attacks. Besides, an important part of treating and preventing panic attacks is through the use of Vitamin B12 and folate in carbon transfer metabolism. This is also known as methylation, which we need for proper serotonin production.  DNA methylation has to do with the interaction between environmental factors and our genes.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beYyCNjWWSc

Since our genes might also have an impact on depressive disorders, the link here is worth pursuing. The role of Vitamin B12 might be limited to what our genes respond to positively. Again, more studies are required to be clearer in this area.