Emotional Fitness and Energetic Cleansing: The Practice

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The experience of emotions can be positive, negative, healing, destructive, pleasurable, or discontent, depending on how they are recorded in our memories and perceptional field. Being able to regulate how we feel or react to certain events or experiences is not an easy task. One needs to be mentally strong to act contrarily from a situation that his/ her consciousness perceives to be a threat.

We must possess a practiced mental fitness, when all our defense mechanisms of the fight, flight, faint, freeze, and fawn, neurochemicals kick in. When one is emotionally aware or fit, they become more sensitive to their emotions, their effects, and cannot be easily overtaken or wounded by them.

  • Emotional and energetic release processes are central for mental health, wellness, and overall performance. The framework enables us to balance the mind, spirit, emotional and energetic aspects with the physical, for healing and dissolution of pain and suffering.
  • Emotional and mental healing are not only found in the therapist’s chair. Emotional Fitness must be a lifestyle, and the mission of any healing institute is to take emotional and mental therapy from the therapists’ chair to the streets, where emotional health is needed the most, to eliminate violence at its root cause.

The process finds emotional blockages with exercises, breathing, physical movements, meditation, activation of pressure points, and integration of visual, audio and kinesthetic elements.

Energetic Cleansing

Individuals who carry a pain body or trauma may feel permanently stuck or blocked. This replaying tape in their lives makes them vulnerable and unable to move on. Pain is not created for a specific person, but anybody at any time can suffer from traumatic experiences.

Once the feeling of safety has been compromised, fear is generated from the subconscious mind. This feeling may cause a person to develop dissociative disorders where one can separate themselves from the present moment when specific memories are triggered.

Energetic cleansing, if adopted for healing trauma, can tap in from multiple disciplines a psychological intervention and bring healing to trauma patients. Trauma results in an energy imbalance when specific energy points in an individual’s body are affected. In a normal state, the human energy levels are well balanced; however, when exposed to a traumatic, painful experience, permanent problems are created that makes an individual vulnerable. Energetic cleansing transforms, collapses, and dissolves the traumatic wall in our minds to allow us to think and act with intention. It is the last step in the framework of emotional release.