The Best is Yet to Be

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How are practitioner’s supporting their clients’ ongoing practice?

It is essential that practitioners offering professional support to their clients understand and relate to human suffering. They must create an environment where their clients are sure of their safety and can easily interact with them without having any fear that emotions might trigger traumatic memories.

The practitioners support is vital during the process of intense emotional release. Clients can benefit from you walking them through the process and remind them

  • Be open to and present with feelings. Have body awareness to identify and locate the emotion and give it a physical point.
  • Breathe deeply, get the flow of oxygen to all their organs, and blood supply, with each exhalation releases and lets go.
  • Surrender to physical movements that get the muscles and joints lubricated at the same time as energy that is stuck in pain gets is released.
  • Get over resistance to make a loud sound thatcontributes to profound release.  

The practitioner must prepare for clients who have problems with self-regulation and help them see and draw from their inner energy. Compassion to the personal and demographic factors of their clients will guide their healing process. By establishing a trust, the healing period can be a cornerstone.

The beauty of healing within a framework is in the fact that it does not include talk therapy, so blame, shame, guilt, and self-blame for sexual orientation, age, and gender is not something practitioners unlikely will trigger.

The ability of the brain to adjust to new environments provides the greatest opportunity for enhancing our inner energy to release pain-filled experiences of the past. This capacity of the brain to regenerate new neurons enhanced by positive energy heals the mind from traumatic memories.

Continuing research demonstrates that activities that focus on neuropathways reconditioning and body engagement play a critical role in healing. The best is yet to BE.