Dentist’s don’t let a scheduling snag ruin your production goals

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For most dentists and dental office managers, keeping a smoothly running schedule is an art. You have to keep in mind the patients, the providers, and add in a little bit of cushion time for each. As a dental professional, you know your patients as well as you know your family. That is why you take your role so seriously.


Dentistry is so much more than just a healthcare industry. You build a relationship with your patients, one quad at a time. A well-run practice requires careful selection of your team members. You need professionals with whom your practice vision aligns, as does your treatment style.

However, even the most well-planned schedules can break apart. Emergencies arise; staff members get sick. No matter how long you have been in practice, this scenario probably sounds familiar:

It is evening, and you are looking at tomorrow’s schedule. Your operative schedule is completely booked, and you only have a half hour for lunch. You are expecting a rep from Straumann during that time, and you know that to keep on schedule, you are going to have to lean on the experience and cohesiveness of the qualified team of dental professionals that you have created. Looking at your schedule that is full of crowns, bridges, and some fillings, you will be sure tomorrow is going to be a great day. Even better, your hygiene schedules are full of SRP and new patient exams. New patients are the lifeblood of any practice, and you are happy that they are all on your most senior hygienist’s schedule that is so thorough and detailed. You are excited for the day because this is why you got into dentistry in the first place – to help improve the lives of your patients.  

Then the inevitable happens, and your assistant calls off: Your hygienist texts to tell you that she is going to be late because of car trouble, and now you are looking at a schedule that should be super productive, but might not happen at all.


Therefore, you probably do what you have always done and called the temp agency to request an EFDA and a hygienist. You hope the EFDA will know the composite system you are using and that the hygienist will perform a perio chart on each patient. There goes the amazing connection that you were counting on with your new patients. Relying on a temp assistant with whom you have never worked is going to slow things down so that Straumann meeting might never happen and you are sure you are going to run behind all day.

Temp agency

The most challenging aspect of using a dated temp agency is you have no interaction with your temps before they show up at your office.

You do not know if your personalities align, and you do not know their level of experience. An assistant who only works with one dentist and no EDFA might be extremely challenging, or a hygienist who does not know your protocol with new patients.  

The Cloud Dentistry Difference

With Cloud Dentistry, they  take the guesswork out of finding your temp staff members. They make it easier to message and book dental staff on demand because we know that you did not get into dentistry to deal with front-office work.

Cloud Dentistry makes it uncomplicated for you to find temporary dental professionals that fit your needs. Gone are the days that you lean on a “vetted” candidate from a temp agency. Instead, search for dental professionals in your area and message them directly. This gives you the power to ask questions, view their resumes, evaluate their experience, and determine if they are a good fit for you. They screen your candidates for experience and perform background checks, taking the guesswork out of it. You can even book in advance if you know a staff member is going to be out of the office, ensuring your production stays on track.

Our Straightforward Process

With a few simple clicks, you can easily book assistants, hygienists, front office staff, and even dentists. Save time and energy when you use Cloud Dentistry. Know that you are getting the best candidate available and that they have already pre-screened their active licenses. They update schedules weekly, so you are never left the morning of a big production day scrambling to find a replacement.

Unlike those temp agencies in the past, you will never pay a placement fee for a sub-par candidate when you use Cloud Dentistry. They maintain candidate lists with four stars or higher rankings, so you are always going to be in good hands when you work with one of our staff. They even verify SSNs, check the sex offender watch list, and screen national criminal records databases. You won’t need to worry about who’s coming into your office when you book one of our dental professionals.

Objectives Met

Meet your goals and sidestep a failed schedule when you book with Cloud Dentistry. Their simple pricing and careful attention to each candidate means that when you need a qualified professional, booking is just a click away. Let them help you empower your practice to connect with dental staff in real time. Sign up for free with no upfront costs and see how the modern era can transform your practice staffing needs.