Secrets for growing Local Businesses through SEO

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Yes, there is a continual learning curve to SEO as algorithms and strategies are ever changing. We pivot it is that simple. We know about long tail, short tail keyword, backlinks, schemas, Meta description, and the right optimization of images, which creates the whole package.

Accelerate SEO overview

Methods for topic optimization include:

Essential topics– create a personal list of the top 20 topics

Obvious headline title focus– extracts your key words and sorts them by significance to your mission

Content long-form-average word count provides value, useful details, and trustworthy content. Make sure your article is understandable- add new sections if necessary. To augment ranking one technique is to utilize H2s/H3s/subsections. Statistics add credibility and reputation to your piece and website. Using reputable sources demonstrates to your readers that you value research. Summaries are a great way to generate understanding and position key words. Conclusions are necessary for any blog, article, or post of any length.

Links per source- it is vital to provide links to respectable references. If you are posting educational content of quality, detail, and context, then your links count will be higher, up in the 10 plus range. In addition, include a YouTube video if applicable.

Yes, all those SEO strategies are important.

The Final Secret

 There is one deep-seated, underlying secret when it comes to SEO. 

It is not about following the herd, the latest trend setters, gossip, influencers, or the newest guru.

It is about doing what is right. It is about creating your personal excellence. The secret for the ages is to provide the best experience for your users, clients, and customers. We are all human. So what does this mean? 

Purely stated, provide a quality product or service.