Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. —Richard Steele

The most valuable gift you can give yourself is acquiring knowledge. You must be deliberate about what you consume, or it will consume you. Transformation comes from a conscious desire to renew the mind. It is important to develop healthy study habits. Here’s what you do:

Start somewhere: 

There’s no perfect time to read. Pick up a book and read every day.

Join a book club:

Join a group of book lovers. These are the kind of people that will challenge you to remain motivated.

Set a Reading target:

What kind of book would you like to read? Set targets in a different genre. Challenge yourself.


Use the knowledge from books you read to write. It helps you to retain the knowledge better.

Stay hungry for knowledge:

Don’t ever lose the purpose of learning. Ask yourself what you can learn. Find a book that teaches you. With the fast-paced technology world, we live in. Do not drag along our learning. Learning must be quicker and faster than ever. In the book ‘Limitless,’ John Kwik teaches us healthy study habits that help us learn FASTER.


Forget about your limitations. Forget about what you think you know. Some people who claim to have twenty years of experience have one year of experience repeated twenty times.


Learning is not a spectators sport. Become more active with your learning. Take notes, start exercises, and highlight key ideas.

State of being: 

Tie information to a feeling. It becomes more memorable. Be aware of the state of your mind and body when learning. Adapt states of joy, fascination, and curiosity.


Learn, Teach, Repeat. He who teaches learns twice.


Enter study time into your schedule. Keep to it.


Make sure you review knowledge gained in multiple spread-out sessions.

Success is hidden in the pages of books. 

Every stage of life is a new chapter.

John Kwik. (2020). Limitless. New York City.