How to create value in your blogs

Compared to a website, a blog is an accompanying tool that aims to achieve the same objective differently. If, in general, the website aims to directly present the activities and services offered, the blog aims rather than to share a passion on a well-defined theme.

With its product references and advertising displays, the former encourages the public to buy and consume. At the same time, through the relevance of its content, the latter arouses taste and admiration. However, these two entities complement the web marketing and e-commerce sector.


The blog should have headings and paragraphs to give a good thread to the reading in its presentation. Headings give both an overview and a summary of what is written next. If you want to engage your readers, you need to work on word choice and sentence structure.

The most important thing is to make them feel comfortable reading. A simple text, well expressed, without too many heavy expressions, will put the reader at ease while reading your article. The relevance of content lies in the good control of how you share your passion through words.

So, when you write, make your text easily understandable because that’s where the curiosity to follow your page comes from. Use writing techniques like SEO to ensure better visibility.


Of course, there are simply too many blogs on the Internet. However, not all of them are good blogs. Some people create and write blogs just to write for themselves, without adding any value to the readers. They write about everything the world needs to know about them, and worse, they complain about and insult others on their blog.

Aside from the presentation of your blog post, here are some simple ways to add value to your blog post.


The first one is to try teaching others what you know. You need to teach others to make your blog gain value and trust.


The second method is to talk and discuss the current trends with your followers. Always give your readers an overview of the current happenings in your niche and add in your own view. Then ask and invite them to join your conversation by commenting on your blog post. This will surely get your blog more visibility on the Internet.


And the third one is to warn them about something if you have experienced something unpleasant. Endeavor not to make this look so much as a complaint or sabotage. By following these 3 steps, I hope you will increase your blog’s value dramatically.

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