Maximize your Content for Humans

When people talk about content optimization, they often refer to SEO. Indeed, SEO plays an important role in the success of your content marketing strategy.

But that doesn’t mean you should optimize your content only for search engine spiders.

Think the opposite. Optimizing your content for humans becomes valuable for search engines.

There are different ways to optimize your content for humans and search engines, and why it’s extremely important.

Get to know your target.

    When setting up a web content strategy, the most important point is to know who your readers are. Indeed, how to provide adapted content if we do not know the target.

    Therefore, it is essential to know at least what the needs are, problems, questions, habits, expectations, interests etc… of your targets.

Formalize a web content strategy

    This step is very important. Formalizing your strategy in a few words is to know which keywords you want to position yourself. Which semantic field will be used in your content.

    It also means knowing a few things about your competitors. How are they positioned? What are their stated goals?

Create an editorial charter

    The purpose of an editorial charter is simply to set out your communication. It is in a way the delimitation of your theme, the axes, and subjects that you will choose to treat or not.

Structure and optimize your content

 You must structure your website. Each website must have its own structure. For example, a home page, product pages, news, advice, a contact page, FAQ, Blog etc…


Maximizing your content is an essential component of your broader content strategy. It gives you the best chance to rank your target keywords, build brand authority, and convert prospects into customers.

It’s mainly about remembering that you need to write for humans rather than search engine bots and applying what you’ve learned during your competitor analysis and research. The tools mentioned allow you to perform and streamline many of these tasks and activities. All the while ensuring that your content is perfectly positioned for success, both before and after publication.

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