Top 4 Non-Technical Skills to look for when hiring Software Developer

The booming technical or digital age requires software developers to be exceptional in their field with outstanding industry skills and have non-technical skills, also referred to as soft skills. While the knowledge of programming languages and frameworks is the backbone of successful software development, business organizations value more than technical proficiencies. Here are the top non-technical skills a proficient software developer must have.

1. Time management and organizational skills

Software development is often linked to a sizeable workload, mainly if there’s a hard deadline to meet. For this reason, the ability to organize tasks and manage time carefully has a profound impact on whether a developer can perform any given task effectively. A reliable developer knows how to prioritize tasks and keep track of all tasks without letting duties pile up.

2. Communication skills

Effective communication is essential to effective teamwork and, most importantly, client satisfaction. Highly competent software developers ensure they are consistently available and promptly respond to communications from their clients or teammates. Remember, having great communication skills means a developer knows how to prioritize clarity and prevent misunderstandings.

3. Ability to work as part of a team

Although some people still believe that all team members have the same skill set, the strength of one’s emotional intelligence determines their ability to participate appropriately in software development projects. Being in a team means respecting every teammate, appreciating their input, and following the suggestions or instructions from your project manager. Indeed, teamwork requires developers to be open to various perspectives and solutions while providing thoughtful feedback to their teammates on their work.

4. Passion for software development

Great developers love their craft, which is why they provide outstanding results and stick with tough development challenges until they solve them. A truly dedicated developer will even spend time working on puzzles outside of their job due to the joy it offers them to create something exceptional and sharpen their software development skills with consistent practice.

Wrap up

A software developer with exceptional non-technical skills and technically advanced development knowledge is a great addition to your team. When hiring a developer, other non-technical skills that you should look for include problem-solving skills, growth mindset, client-focused approach, positive attitude, attention to detail, and strong work ethic.      

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