Do Family and Couples Therapy Help?

Behavioral, psychological, emotional, other related issues are linked to domestic violence, marital dissatisfaction, poor parenting practices, and psychological distress among children. Further, these issues are implicated in many instances of family disintegration, forcing spouses to part ways and contribute to adverse childhood experiences.

In addition to the harm caused to children and spouses, substance abuse and other negative issues in the family setting also cause parental stress and anxiety. Fortunately, family therapy and couples therapy can help address various issues causing stress and anxiety in a family setting.

The benefits of family/couple therapy

Family counseling and couple therapy aim to address different behavioral, psychological, and emotional challenges that cause family and marital problems. These counseling sessions involve a family or couple working with a therapist to establish an authentic, positive bond and maintain a healthy relationship. Other benefits of family or couple therapy vary from one family to another, and they include;

·      Improved communication

·      Developing and maintaining healthy relationships

·      Defining an individual’s role in the family or marriage

·      Providing strength and better copping tools for the couple or family members

·      Improving the family dynamics and strengthening meaningful relationships

·      Addressing different dysfunctional interactions among spouses or family members

·      Improving a couple’s or family’s problem-solving abilities

According to research published in the Journal of Family Therapy, couple or family counseling may also address various children’s issues. Some of these issues include substance abuse & addiction, depression, conduct disorders, and offensive behavior. A 2020 study revealed that various families might find therapy useful for different reasons such as;

·      Conflicts between siblings

·      Marital challenges

·      Difficulty in expressing emotions or communicating

·      Inconsistent or poor parenting

·      Adapting to significant changes in the family

·      Dealing with the death of a loved or chronic illness

·      Maintaining a healthy and functional relationship following a divorce

Effectiveness of family/couple therapy

Accumulating scientific evidence suggests that family/couple therapy is a highly effective form of counseling. A recent literature review showed that family therapy and other related family-based approaches like parent training are effective in different situations. Some of these situations include recovery from child neglect & child abuse, disordered eating, various behavioral conditions, and sleep, feeding, or attachment issues in infancy.

Additionally, researchers believe that family therapy or counseling is effective for teenagers battling mental health issues, regardless of their gender. Adolescents who participated in various studies investigating the effectiveness of family therapy reported fewer external and internal difficulties after therapy sessions.

Similarly, parents reported that they could learn more effective parenting methods and felt that their families were closer. The research also noted that female parents had a higher probability of finding family therapy more effective and helpful than male parents.


Couple/family therapy aims to address various underlying issues that may be causing marital or family problems. There are different types of family therapy, and different family or couple issues may require a specific approach to counseling. If you need a therapist who can help you understand and address your marital or family issues, you may want to schedule a consultation session with Cyti Psychological, an institution founded to offer true therapy.