Top 3 Things to look for in Software Development in Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a public cloud computing platform providing various services such as networking, computing, storage, Big Data, software development, and more. These services run on the same infrastructure that Google utilizes for its end-user services and products such as YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, and more. Software developers and other users can access GCP services through a dedicated network connection or over the internet.

GCP provides a scalable range of computing services for software developers. These include;

1. The Google App Engine

The Google App Engine allows developers to build highly scalable software or applications on a fully managed serverless platform. With its open and familiar developer tools, you can create and deploy apps efficiently using popular languages. You can also bring your language runtimes and frameworks, manage resources from a command line, run API back ends, and debug source code easily.

Additionally, Google App Engine allows you to build your code without managing the underlying infrastructure. It also protects your apps from various security threats using IAM rules, managed SSL certificates, and strong firewall capabilities. Remember, you only pay for the resources you use as the Google App Engine scales automatically depending on traffic and uses resources only when your code is running.

2. Compute Engine

GCP’s Compute Engine is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that allows developers to run Linux and Windows-based virtual machines. It is a secure and customizable service that allows you to build and run virtual machines on Google’s cloud computing infrastructure. The best part is that you no longer need to put up upfront investment to use Google’s Compute Engine.

3. Kubernetes Engine

This Google computing service offers a simple but effective way to automatically deploy, scale, and manage application containers across different host clusters. It speeds up your software development without sacrificing security, streamlines operations with various release channels, and reduces Day 2 ops with help from Google Site Reliability Engineers – SREs.

Wrap up

Most software developers and companies across industries choose GCP to run their apps whenever they need them, make smart decisions based on actual data, and operate confidently with Google’s advanced security tools. This platform transforms how developers connect and collaborate while saving money and increasing efficiency in software development, deployment, and management processes.

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