Top 5 Factors to Finding the Perfect Software Cloud Provider

There’s no shortage of cloud services for most software developers to support the creation and deployment of software or applications. However, the challenge is choosing the right cloud provider (Platform-as-a-Service) that matches your needs. Different cloud services vary significantly in scalability, cost, usability, and more. Here are the top factors you must consider when choosing a cloud provider.

1. Languages and frameworks

Most cloud providers support varied programming frameworks and languages. Evaluate different providers based on whether their tools and technologies will best support your current software or one you intend to develop. If you plan to move an existing application to the cloud, ensure your preferred cloud service is compatible with your tech for seamless migration.

2. Architecture

Think about how the cloud service architecture will be integrated into your workflow. For instance, if you have already invested heavily in Microsoft Universe, it makes sense to use Azure as Microsoft provides its clients with Azure licenses and free credits. In case you rely more on Google or Amazon services, it’s recommended to choose those cloud providers to ease the integration and consolidation processes.

3. Data security

Data is the core of every software or application. For this reason, you must learn more about the cloud provider’s data storage capabilities and how your software will be protected. Read through the provider’s service level agreements to determine disaster management strategies, uptime guarantees, and support. A reliable provider will have clear policies and ethical guidelines with respect to confidentiality that ensures data privacy and security.

4. Regional availability

Cloud providers offer a variety of tools for developers. Similarly, they provide varied support and availability in different regions worldwide. This is a crucial consideration from the software development and customer perspective. If you must keep your data within a specific region, ensure your preferred cloud provider has systems prioritized for that specific region in which you operate.

5. Cost

Although this shouldn’t be the only consideration, there is no doubt that the cost of cloud services plays a significant role in choosing the right provider. So, compare different providers and embrace one whose cloud services improve your software development and deployment at an affordable cost.

Wrap up

Deciding to move to the cloud is one step, and there are scores of cloud solutions from which to choose. Signing up with the right cloud provider will support the success of your software development. In addition to the five factors highlighted above, make sure the provider adheres to industry standards and relevant regulatory requirements.

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