Provocative Brain Science

One might not always make the connection between provocation and science. But there are now studies linking the two concepts. According to a new study, seeing women in scanty clothing can light up the male brain in the region linked to tool use. This can lead to certain men thinking of women as mere objects. 

The Social Psychology of Clothing

Clothing is a basic need for any human being. But it also holds a powerful social connotation for modern cultures. People express themselves through clothing from a young age. Some may judge others for what they wear while others may prefer expressing emotions in designing, making, or wearing certain types of clothes. 

However, there is now evidence that one’s dress, especially that of a woman, can act as a stimulus for several things. A dress can result in a changed relationship between a person and their body. 

Triggering Problematic Emotions

Considering the matter of sexualized or scantily clad women, it turns out that such images were likely to trigger verbs in the first person. Some examples include “I handle, I grasp,” etc., which could likely mean a desire to control the woman. What’s even more disturbing is that some men in this particular study displayed no brain activity in the region for pondering another person’s intentions. 

As a result, these men were probably viewing the women as a sexual invitation but not someone with a mind and feelings of their own. Such a lack of cognition in this particular brain region is very strange, as it doesn’t usually happen at all. Scientists only noticed a similar absence in other studies when the subject viewed pictures of drug addicts and homeless people. 

Take away

While more research into provocative brain science is a must, the studies discussed above are enough to spark an interest in this concept. The dehumanizing sexist attitudes of certain subjects are certainly disturbing. But there are still a lot of factors to consider. 

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