The Aging Triad Trap: The Link between Aging, Diabetes, and Falls

Diabetes was always a major cause for concern in the modern world. Various studies have now shown another troubling connection between this disease and other risks. For now, the triad trap of diabetes, aging, and subsequent falls. 

There can be many reasons why diabetes, aging, and falls are interlinked. Several experts have found that weakened sensorimotor function is among these factors. Other issues that can arise due to diabetes include body pain, foot pain, neuromuscular deficits, etc. 

While we may pinpoint the key factors responsible for individual incidents, the general factors number over 400. This high number makes it difficult to identify or shortlist the most common reasons why a fall occurs.

What Are The Main Concerns Regarding Falls? 

Elderly patients with diabetes are also more likely to have severe issues following a fall. These include:

  • Fractures
  • More time for recovery and rehabilitation
  • Higher risk of more falls in the first place 
  • Possibly fatal repercussions

Can We Prevent Falls By Diabetes Patients? 

On the upside, the efforts to prevent falls for patients with diabetes, especially elderly ones, show a lot of premise. These efforts include balance training, gait training, and strength training. All of these methods may reduce the risk of falls in this particular demographic. 

There have also been technological developments that can reduce such risks, including VR (Virtual Reality) proprioceptive training. The latter provides a safe environment for the training. So, no patient is at risk while practicing these methods. 

Take away

Diabetes leads to a lot of deteriorating health aspects in a person, especially when that individual is getting on in years. One loses strength, experiences more pain, and also experiences declining cognitive function. But there’s good news. Hopefully, with the proper treatments and training, we may hope to enhance cognitive functions and relieve pain along with other diabetes-related issues.

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