The Safety of Presence: Presence Sensing Devices

The need for having personal safety devices is evolving. But did you know that the same is true for machines? Presence sensing devices are among the most common safety devices for machines like automatic feed part revolution clutch presses.

When their sensing field is locked or interrupted, they immediately halt the machine strokes. This way, they give protection to the machine operators and the rest of the employees in the same vicinity. Their use also minimizes operator resistance as they have a non-restrictive design.

Another name for presence sensing devices is light curtains. 

Requirements for the Use of Light Curtains or PSDs

Before using PSDs, we have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • It should give protection to the machine operator by halting regular machine strokes 
  • Must be able to handle the control circuit in case of the operator’s hands or any other body part is in the sensing field
  • There should be guards on all points that the PSD does not protect 
  • PSDs are not for use as a means to start slide motion
  • The PSDs’ construction should apply normal stopping action when needed but prevent future strokes until there’s a correction of the failure 
  • One can mute the PSH while there’s an upstroke for circuit checking, feeding, and parts ejection.
  • The sensing field and point of operation should have a safety distance that’s more than the one calculated by safety distance formulae  

Why Should We Use Pressing Sensing Devices?

Most machine operators use these devices to enhance their press brake efficiency and meet regulations for operator safety. The tool also enables a machine operator to have more freedom while they’re working. Plus, they don’t have to press buttons or wear specific straps to activate the PSD every time they operate the machine.

Take away

Overall, the presence sensing devices of light curtains are innovative safety tools. These can make the workplace safer for everyone involved and save machine operators from possible accidents and/or injuries. 

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