4 Simple Hacks to Fight Back Hair Loss

Hair loss in most if not all women can be traumatic. Most women who experience thinning hair are between the age of 25-35 years. However, unlike men, most women do not lose all their hair, which means it can be disguised. The good thing is that you can fight hair loss in very simple ways. Here is how.

Reduce Stress

Stress wreaks havoc in your body and weakens the immune system Increased stress causes your weakened immune system to attack hair follicles and cause thinning hair. This is a way of dealing with the imbalance in your body. However, once you reduce your stress levels, often but not always, your hair will be free to grow back. So, do some workout, yoga, or meditation to keep your stress levels low.

Eat Healthily and Work Out

Good food and exercise go a long way in keeping our bodies in good shape. Good food has no impact on hormonal balance and allows you to exercise well. Exercise helps a lot in the excretion of toxins in the body which may interfere with good hair growth.

Use a Hair Topper

Hair toppers are accessories worn to add hair volume to thinning hair and also cover the area experiencing hair loss. In addition, hair toppers come in a range of colors and bases for scalps of different sizes and consumers with different preferences. Toppers can also be styled to blend with your thinning hair or a trending style. What better way to fight back hair loss than, this?

Avoid Curlers, Straighteners, and Clip-in Extensions

All these tools and accessories tend to add strain and tension to your hair, which is fragile. With thinning or snapping hair, it is best to fight back the loss by avoiding excessive use of these tools and hair accessories.

Aesthetics are important, but hair loss is urgent. Try any or all of these tips to fight back hair loss.

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