Pointers on Styling and Maintaining your Beautiful Great Mane

Having long hair is not the same as rocking a beautiful great mane. Long hair seems to become the trend, especially in men and there are several tips for styling hair and keeping it healthy. If you are rocking a mane, here are some tips on style and maintaining your beautiful great mane in mint condition.

Keep it Clean and Conditioned

Growing a mane requires constant cleaning. While keeping it clean, you also get to clean the scalp which carries so many toxins when we sweat. It is wise that you work out a routine on when it’s best to wash your mane and what are the right products to use. Another important bit of washing your mane is to ensure you rinse out the shampoo and water as well. Shampoo easily makes hair look greasy and causes dandruff if not rinsed off completely.

Try to Naturally Your Dry Hair

Clean dry hair has a greater chance of survival and also looks great on the host. Growing and sustaining a beautiful and great mane requires you to keep it dry, preferably using conventional means or letting it air dry. Using hair dryers or hot iron rods may cause your hair to thin or shrink which is the opposite of your goal to maintain it.

Go For a Basic Style

With a great mane, the creativity in you is unleashed. We all try to make shapes and styles with our manes, which is great but can be detrimental at the same time. As you style your mane, try to do basic styling if you are not a hair professional. Trying out complicated styles can cause your hair to stretch, break or use the wrong product. To avoid all this, it’s only wise to stick to the basics and leave complicated to the experts.

Manes are great and beautiful, but only when styled and well maintained. Following these basics is key to keeping your mane in pristine condition.

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