Is Intimacy Important in a Relationship

We generally associate intimacy with sex or physical proximity when we think of it. Though all of these are included in intimacy, it is more than just being sexually intimate, as it fulfills a higher purpose that requires mutual understanding and relationship.

Though physical intimacy is essential in a good relationship, emotional intimacy is required before physical intimacy with your spouse.

Is it possible for a relationship to continue without intimacy?

If married or romantic, intimacy in a relationship is part of a healthy connection. Intimacy helps a couple to realize how important the other is to them. We always want to be accepted and loved by our spouses, no matter how many flaws or limits we have.

An intimate physical and emotional relationship is expected to set aside all of your differences and work towards a healthy partnership.

Intimacy is something we need while we’re in a relationship, so it’s impossible to maintain a long-term relationship without it. When you understand the value of various types of intimacy, you should figure out what works the best for your relationship, as the needs of the different couples may differ.

Getting through fear of intimacy?

Consider the following if you know you have a fear of intimacy in a relationship:

  • Talk to your husband about your situation and what makes them respond in this way when they want to get intimate with you.

  • Keep them out of the dark. Don’t put yourself under any excessive stress. It’s okay if you’re not perfect.
  • Allow yourself to heal and take your time. Identify the cause of the problem. Analyze your background to determine what isn’t working for you.

Wrap up

Each of us may have a somewhat different perspective on what constitutes intimacy. But, even if we hold opposing viewpoints, what matters is that we can see its importance not just for us but also for the ones we love, so as long as we can train respect and selfless love, true intimacy will always live.

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