Know the Different Ways to Ask For Applause

You are not alone if you are wondering how to ask for applause. Especially If you are the announcer or Master of Ceremonies at a big event, you will have to know a few lines to get the audience to applaud. Try using one of these lines whenever you welcome a guest or performer to the stage so that the audience knows when to start clapping.

Curtain Up

Today I have talked about the different ways to ask for applause.:

  • ●     Let’s give applause to…

These Words are the best way of getting attention from someone. You can either give a small round of applause or a large round of applause, but not just “applause.” You might also consider this line: Please join your hands for…, Everyone, join your hands for…, Everyone, please join your hands for…, etc.

  • ●      Let’s give a round of applause…

It is common to request applause before a performance, but you can also do it after a guest has left the stage, even if the audience has already applauded! Then you can request the next round of applause for someone else.

  • ●     Let’s give a warm welcome to…

It could be a nice word to use if you want to highlight that you will be introducing and welcoming someone onto the stage. It’s a good option for more formal occasions. Because this is a fixed statement, it’s best to use warm instead of anything else.

  • ●     Please give it up for…

Some people believe this is incorrect because it is more modern and casual, but it is one of the most natural ways to ask for applause from the audience.

Curtain down, Applause, please

As you can see there are excellent ways to ask for applause. These techniques help you catch the attention of everyone. Keep in mind these ways and use them for your next event!

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