What Are the Different Types and Levels of Body Armor

Protective armor is also known as body armor. It is important to choose the correct type of body armor to ensure that you are completely protected. Different types of body armor are available based on the threats they can defend against, and it is important to know what they are so you can get the right one.

Here is the list of different types of body armors:

Ballistic Protection

A bulletproof vest is the most common type of body armor because it gives ballistic protection. It means this can withstand gunshots, though which types of bullets it can withstand depends on the armor’s degree. Ballistic protection levels are considered by the different types of weapons that the vest can stop, with higher levels able to stop more powerful rounds.

Edged Blade Protection 

It is usually known as stab protection, and it can protect you from attacks using weapons. These vests differ from bullet-resistant vests because of the materials used.

Spike Protection 

Many people are unaware that stab protection differs from spike protection and that weapons such as needless or screwdrivers, for example, will require a spike-proof vest. Spike protection is commonly combined with edged blade protection and ballistic protection. Developing strong surface spiked-proof vests needs layers of plastic laminate that can stop these weapons. Under this plastic lamination, most spike-proof vests will have Kevlar®® and potentially chainmail, which helps absorb the impact of an attack.


The level of security you require is decided by the most likely risks you may face. The different types of body armor on the market reflect the different types of protection. Ballistic protection in a bulletproof vest is required for protection against guns, and a stab-proof vest is required for protection against edged weapons. A spike-protected vest is required for protection against spiked weapons such as ice picks.

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