What is your Personal Authentic Power?

Personal authentic power creates a positive attitude towards how an individual perceives others or others evaluate them. It enhances social engagements and decreases age-related memory decline.

A positive attitude towards colleagues or community enhances social engagement and positively increases social activities. Personal authentic power can minimize and treat age-related memory decline when utilized at all aging stages of your life.

The relationship between personal authentic power and treatment of the hippocampus academically has not yet fully been exploited. However, available research indicates the correlation between old adult social activities and cognitive memory decline. According to the research by Kotwal et al. (2016), subjects who had social vulnerability were at high risk of getting early cognitive loss. People with low self-esteem resulting from stress and depression were more vulnerable to age-related memory decline. Furthermore, elderly adults with mild age-related memory decline had less social engagement than those with the well-perceived hippocampus. People with high social engagement have positive health-related behavior such as kinetic movement and memory enrichments activities.

Power at a young age

Other research indicated the relationship between patients with age-related cognitive decline with their social engagements at a younger age. Fluency, memory, reasoning, and vocabulary are well-preserved by subjects who were more socially active. Therefore, personal authentic power at young age maintains hippocampus memory in elderly adulthood (Brown et al., 2016). In addition, programs and amenities that facilitate social activities improve the community’s authentic power and prevent age-related cognitive decline.

In conclusion, personal authentic power enhances motivation, builds self-esteem, and promotes social activities. Social engagements can prevent and successfully treat age-related memory decline through personal authentic power. However, focusing on personal authentic power alone does not yield significant results in preserving hippocampus memory. Considering other models such as memory enrichment activities and kinetic movement is vital in achieving graceful aging.

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