The Art of Kinetic Movement Therapy

Most office staff and elderly citizens spend a lot of their time in a day sitting. However, kinetic movement makes the human body exercise. It has both mental and physical health benefits.

Therefore, it is important to exercise at home or office as a practical therapy for achieving graceful aging. Kinetic movement prevents muscle decay, improved flexibility,  and minimized age-related memory decline, while reducing the risks of getting various illnesses.

Kinetic movement like memory enrichment prevents interference of hippocampus memory roles in the human brain in aging. Also, it is one of the models used in the treatment of age-related memory decline. According to Ballesteros et al. (2015), kinetic movement such as physical activities improve hippocampus function at any age by resisting age-related conditions. In addition, different physical activities, whether done through natural or man-made mechanisms, result in the same benefits to hippocampus memory benefits.

Reduction of contracting diseases

The kinetic movement offers body exercise and physical activities. Regular kinetic movement during working or resting hours reduces the risk of getting some diseases and disabilities and offers effective treatment to some conditions (NIH, 2018). Therefore, condition and disabilities kinetic movement prevent include:

  • Disability through falling by improving an individual with balance
  • Osteoporosis by increased strength that builds the muscles
  • Maintains the body limber through flexibility

Also, the kinetic movement offers successful treatment to the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases

 In conclusion, kinetic movement helps a person to prevent and treat diseases and age-related memory decline. Its impacts all ages. Like memory enrichments, kinetic movement is an effective treatment without causing barriers in personal, authentic power.

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