Top 4 Tips to be Smart on Social Media

One of the top hurdles on social media for businesses is the pressure to “keep up.” Different social media platforms come and go, and user behavior changes over time. That means the way businesses and individuals approach various social networks has to change. So, what tactics should be the cornerstone of your social media strategy that can keep you smart and relevant on these platforms?

1. Learn the art of social storytelling

Blasting countless promo links on social media channels is far from an effective social media strategy. People are sick of impersonal brands and spam. For this reason, mastering the art of storytelling will improve the chances of your target audience viewing you as relevant, authentic, and a thought leader in your field.

2. Repurpose high-quality content

You probably have a ton of content to fill up your social calendar. So if you are running on a tight schedule or your financial resources are thin, repurposing your best content is an effective way to squeeze the most out of your social media strategy.

3. Go live

The popularity of video content isn’t a secret, and brands are pushing the boundaries of live video as social media platforms increasingly highlight and add live video features. Remember, live videos are more compelling than other forms of content as they are presented as must-see pieces of content.

4. Don’t hide your personality

Never neglect the importance of revealing the personality behind your business or brand. The old days of suit-and-ties branding on social networks are over. After all, most brands that shine today are not afraid to take the occasional risk to remind their audience that there is a person behind the brand or social media account.


Businesses and individual social media accounts are constantly scrambling for the greatest and latest ways to drive more engagements on social media. By implementing the strategies highlighted above, you can stay relevant and smart on social media.