A Street Named Letting Go

Looking back at my whole life, I realize letting go is important for my soul journey. Although for more than two decades I have been resisting critical lessons – I just did not want to let go. But once my pain became unbearable, I had to turn and follow a street name ‘letting go.’ I learned how to leave behind my fears, lies, and horrifying stories about who the world expects me to be and who I was.

Indeed, I had to awaken to the reality that the past is nothing more than a story and the truth of who I am and my potential was waiting to reveal itself through the wisdom and power of letting go. Here are important lessons I learned during my transformation.

Letting go is your inner journey.

The entire process of letting go is your inner journey that requires faith, discipline, surrender, commitment, and love. Armed with these values, you can successfully navigate the journey and achieve your soul’s and heart’s desire.

It feels painful

Letting go is associated with the heartache and pain that comes from leaving behind what you may have once perceived as precious, valuable, or worthy. To let go means that some of those things now have no value and meaning to you.

It brings resistance

You will experience resistance from within yourself – your doubts, fears, past pains, unhealed wounds, and insecurities. Also, you may experience resistance from people in your life, like colleagues, friends, and family. But it would help if you didn’t give in to the resistance. It will eventually disappear, and you will feel joy, ease, and peace.

Letting go will liberate you.

It’s beyond doubt that letting go frees you from bonds, chains, and attachments that may have been keeping your true self imprisoned. This allows you to experience aliveness and freedom, helping you achieve your full potential.

It shines a light on things.

The process of letting go brings light to various aspects of your life where there was once darkness and love to areas of your life, there was fear. It will shine a light (truth) to all aspects of your life where there was falsehood.

Wrap up

Letting go allows you to get grounded and connected to your humanity, reveals your true self, opens your heart to true love, and helps you return home. It’s time to follow a street named letting go and let go of your frustrations, anger & bitterness, toxic relationships, stress, and other issues that may be sucking energy and life out of you.