Stress, Resilience, and Happiness: Learn how to Build Resilience and Live a Happier Life

We all have different kinds of beliefs in what could make us happy, including success, money, travel, great relationships, exercise, friends, and more. However, the biggest key may rest in our resilience – the ability to bounce back.

Researchers have shown that being resilient can support a happier life. Indeed, resilience helps people get through challenging times and thrive during and even after those challenges. Just as rubber successfully rebounds after being squished or squeezed, so do resilient individuals.

The good news for caregivers and other individuals with heightened stress levels is that resilience isn’t a character trait. No one is born with resilience. Instead, it grows with time depending on your set of skills that you can improve and strengthen over time.

How to build resilience

Here are some tips to help you build resilience, thrive in stressful situations, and enjoy a happier life.

  • Develop an unshakable set of core beliefs and values
  • Look for a positive meaning even in traumatic and stressful situations
  • Always maintain a positive outlook
  • Face your fears and challenges rather than running away from them
  • Look for guidance or advice from a resilient person you know very well
  • Never hesitate to reach for support whenever you need it
  • Learn new skills whenever you get an opportunity
  • Recognize your abilities and other aspects that make you uniquely strong
  • Avoid dwelling on your past

Many people still face the problem of dwelling in the past. One thing you must keep in mind is a famous quote from Will Rogers, a humorist – Never let yesterday use up a larger part of today.

Wrap up

It is challenging to build the skills needed for resilience, particularly when faced with routine anxiety and stress. However, changing the habit that leads to negative emotions and focusing on positivity can help you build reliance. In fact, it’s in-the-moment positive emotions that form a link between desirable life outcomes and happiness.