Physical Exercise Methods and Techniques

While it is crucial to undertake physical exercise at any level, consideration should be taken on the ways in which training is conducted. The techniques involved will determine the overall condition and Performance of players. The different methods and techniques in physical training include; continuous training, fartlek, plyometric and flexible training.

Importance of Physical Exercise

Exercise increases your levels of energy

Study shows that physical exercise will aid patients who surfer from chronic fatigue syndromes. Physical activity has a link to an increase in energetic levels which allows individuals maintain good health.

Strengthens bones and muscles

When you carry out physical exercise, your bone density increases, therefore your bone structure remains strong. Additionally, exercises such as weight lifting have a direct link to increase in muscle strength.

Promotes weight loss

Physical activity helps burn calories, which are excessive fat that settle in the body tissues. The reason is because regular exercise initiates an increase in metabolic rates which is important for reducing weight.  

Important Components of Physical Exercise

These are some of the crucial components that pertain to physical exercise;

Muscle Strength

Your ability to lift heavy weights is dependable on your muscle strength. The paradox here is that you can only increase your muscle strength by lifting heavy weights.

Cardiovascular Endurance

This component refers to the your body’s capacity to withstand the demands of physical activity by maintaining standard heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure. If either of this constituents goes overboard, you may experience fatigue which could prompt you to faint.  


To be flexible means that you are able to twist and swing your arms and legs in angles that are not common to average people. You undergo a rigorous training that ensures you are flexible enough to take physical exercises more conveniently.


Physical exercise is an important aspect in everyday living as it ensures a better health for an individual. Aside from this, your energetic levels increase quite significantly. Players will also have a chance to shine as their muscles become in tune with the training.